Fraud and cybersecurity awareness

Pollen Street is committed to ensuring that those we work with are made aware of fraudulent scams and activities when doing communicating with us. Fraud is an issue that impacts companies of all sizes, industries, and jurisdictions. Imposters and cyber-criminals may misuse our name, brand, and names of our employees, or may publish fake websites and use unofficial communication channels to seek personal or confidential information, or to further financial crimes. 

Pollen Street and its employees will never request money or bank account details using a phone call or via social media or instant messaging platforms, including Linkedin, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Please note the following when communicating with Pollen Street which may help you recognise and avoid common scams: 

  • The following addresses are the only authorised Pollen Street websites and email domains:
  • Phishing emails may come addresses that resemble legitimate ones. Always check the email address of any sender, our emails will only come from an address that ends with the domains “” or "".
  • Our office addresses can be found under the contact section of each of our websites.
  • Pollen Street will never ask for your password or login details to any of our fund portals, or to your bank accounts.
  • Be sceptical of unsolicited emails, text messages, or phone calls. We do not solicit investment using cold-calling or bulk emails. 

For more information on common fraud schemes, please consider visiting these unaffiliated websites:

United Kingdom

United States


European Union


If you have any uncertainty or concerns relating to any communications you have with Pollen Street, please contact your Pollen Street representative or use the email address shown on the contact section of our website.