esg with impact

We ensure that the investments we make today will have a positive effect on people and the planet in years to come.

2021 ESG Report

We are delighted to share our Annual ESG report. The report highlights Pollen Street’s progress against our ESG targets and impact agenda over the last year, including developing a proprietary data model to rank and score investments and announcing that the firm is now carbon neutral.

The report also showcases examples from around the Pollen Street portfolio of Impact in Action, where investments are making a tangible difference to the industry, society, and ordinary people.

Download our ESG report to find out more about our progress in 2021, case studies from around our portfolio and results against our 2020 targets.

If you would like to find out more about our ESG progress you can read our 2019 and 2020 reports.


We have a proud history of thinking, behaving and investing responsibly. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy explains how we do this. This includes how we can help drive impact in the counterparties we invest through and the companies we invest in. Our policy also explains how we consider the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors, aligned to the SFDR.

ESG continues to be a major focus for Pollen Street as we embed responsibility, ethical behaviour and sustainability into our investing, operations and culture, with a large focus on the impact we can have.



We are signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure all investments meet minimum standards, while seeking to make the most significant impact for our investors.


Ten Years' Time

Creating partnerships for lasting impact

In 2020, we launched a flagship ESG programme to make a meaningful difference in the world. Through Ten Years’ Time, we seek to develop an ESG program which is:

  • Ambitious: to make lasting change
  • Integrated: to align our corporate strengths and assets to deliver social change
  • Aligned: to ensure our ESG programme is integrated into our corporate objectives

Our aim is to connect our ESG impact with the firm and its incredible people and expertise.

During the year we have conducted an audit to assess objectively our assets and capabilities against areas of social need and opportunity so that we could do something that is of greater value than money alone could ever provide.

We have also conducted a structured approach to ask questions as well as provide answers: to test models, to research problems, to understand systems and to create a legacy of new practices that will outlast any individual project.

Based upon this work we ran a process to identify those partners whose goals and needs mapped onto our objectives and capabilities. This not only provides the ability to make a meaningful difference, but is also an opportunity to engage and develop our people as they participate in a diverse range of projects.

Find out more about our partnerships below:

Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures develops transformative approaches for catalysing and sustaining locally led marine conservation.

Future First

Future First aims for every state school and college in the UK to be supported by a thriving and engaged alumni community.

Big Issue

Big Issue Invest creates opportunity by financing the growth of sustainable social enterprises and charities across the UK.

The Council for Investing in Female Entrepreneurs

CfIFE aims to support female entrepreneurs by tackling barriers to funding available and accessible by them.

Auditory Verbal UK

Auditory Verbal UK's vision is that all deaf children have the opportunity to listen and speak as equals alongside their hearing peers.


Business2Schools uses donations of unwanted office furniture and technology to improve the infrastructure in schools.

Out Investors

Out Investors runs networking events, speaker series and mentorship programs with LGBT+ investment professionals.