Robust risk management and governance structure

The current risk management and governance structure operated by Pollen Street Capital is based upon the three lines of defence and has been designed to deliver a robust framework for consistent risk assessment and to manage all aspects of risk, tailored to the activities of the Group.

The governance structure of Pollen Street Capital is by way of committees and is designed to ensure that senior management has adequate oversight and control of the Group’s activities.

The effectiveness of the governance framework is considered by senior management on an on-going basis, such that in the event that a material deficiency in the control environment or Risk Management Framework is identified, it shall be addressed without undue delay.

The Group Executive Committee (“Exco”), and all other committees within the structure have a minimum number of meetings per year and can also be convened on an ad-hoc basis in order to address any issues identified.

Pollen Street Capital has a transparent and open risk-management culture which encourages and facilitates clear communication and challenge.

The governance structure below forms a core part of this culture and is structured such that key areas of the business are able to provide that challenge and have a reporting line into ExCo.