Performing through partnership We partner with high quality non-bank lenders, technology companies and other mid-market businesses with diverse portfolios of assets to provide capital and strategic insight

There is a significant opportunity in asset-based finance with the large and diverse market that is fast growing but still highly fragmented and underserved by generalist managers.

This structural re-positioning – together with advances in data and technology and a change in customer behaviour – creates new market offerings, new entrants and rapid change.

We have built deep expertise in the sector and believe we are one of the most experienced teams in the market dedicated to the strategy. Our established network of founders, board members, operators and sponsors means that the majority of our investments are sourced internally and negotiated bi-laterally. This includes a network of around 100 high quality credit partners in the UK, Europe and the USA. 

We are business partners as well as investment partners

We work with a range of credit partners with whom we develop trusted relationships and integrate into the Pollen Street Network


Partner for impact We’ve created an ecosystem of expertise to deliver tangible outcomes

Pollen Street Hub

We have created the Pollen Street Hub, a dedicated team with a systematic approach to drive growth, technology development and collaboration across the portfolio.