Pollen Street Capital Wins Best Responsible Alternative Investment Team UK 2021

CFI.co names Pollen Street Capital Best Responsible Alternative Investment Team UK 2021

Capital Finance International magazine (CFI.co) has named Pollen Street Capital Best Responsible Alternative Investment Team UK 2021.  

In its citation for the award CFI.co highlighted Pollen Street Capital’s responsible portfolio development and overarching ESG focus, embedded across a team of 75+ in London and New York.   

The judging panel also noted Pollen Street Capital’s prioritisation of lasting impact, aiming for a carbon-neutral future with special attention to diversity, crime reduction and governance.  

Lindsey McMurray, Managing Director at Pollen Street Capital said, “We believe in the potential for positive impact through our investments, both on our industry and society as a whole. That thinking lies at the heart of our strategy at Pollen Street Capital and we are proud to be recognised by CFI.co for our efforts in responsible investing.”  

The judging panel’s full report: 

Pollen Street Capital operates according to an ESG-driven ethos. The UK-based alternative investment firm is guided by ethical values and commitment. It backs transformational businesses with private equity and credit solutions. Pollen Street encourages responsible portfolio development and cares for its employees, stakeholders and community. It has 75 people working in its London and New York offices, and the team takes a holistic approach to investing. It executes bold strategies to reinforce the model and increase engagement. 

The team talks with investors and takes the time to fully understand their ESG priorities. Most seek multi-layered, long-term impacts, and the firm applies lateral thinking to boost its capabilities. Pollen Street Capital has an overarching ESG focus that touches on every aspect of its operations. It strives for a transition to a carbon-neutral future through impact-led corporate responsibility, with special attention to diversity, crime reduction and governance. The scope continues to expand to allow increased support for environmental issues. The team prioritises efficiency for lasting impacts.  

Pollen Street Capital conducted a year-long audit to create its leading philanthropy programme — Ten Years’ Time — to forge partnerships that connect the firm’s expertise with projects beyond its portfolio.  

The CFI.co judging panel recognises a firm punching above its weight for ESG impacts. The judges present Pollen Street Capital with the 2021 award for Best Responsible Alternative Investment Team (UK). 

See Pollen Street Capital's 2019 ESG Report for more information about ESG strategy and impact across the business.