Pollen Street ESG Annual Report now available

We are delighted to share with you our first ESG Annual Report, which provides a snapshot of our ESG achievements, as well as our approach and activities as we embed ESG principles throughout the firm, our investment processes and our portfolio.

This report also brings to life how we see “ESG in action” with some examples of results that we’re seeing across our private equity and credit strategies.

We have made great strides to not only consider ESG as an intrinsic part of our investment process, but to also embed responsibility and sustainability as a core element of our culture. The report also talks about our recently launched flagship ESG programme “Ten Years Time”, where our aim is to connect the ESG impact of the firm and its incredible people and expertise, with causes and partners that reflect our values to best effect.

Download our ESG report here to find out more about our ESG achievements, approach and activities in 2019, with examples of ESG in action, and results we’re seeing.